Welldone, Karnataka Varthe..

Karnataka Varthe, An social media initiative by Department of Information and Public Relation is gaining momentum. 

Here is a reader’s feedback..


B V Kulakarni

Karnataka Varthe was started in facebook just two years back by the Department of Information and Public Relations of Government of Karnataka.

I am happy to note that more than 60,000 people have subscribed to this page, more and more people opt for this page.

I have been following this page since inception. For any Democratic Government, whether national Government and State Governments, such an initiative needed to communicate its achievements, strategies and outcomes.

In these days the need is felt more when print media and electronic media are strong enough to influence the public. I congratulate Mr Vishu Kumar, Director of the Department for being brain behind this initiative and the Department as a whole for maintaining the page, which is benefiting the Government and functionaries of the Government.

Efforts of Mr Vishu Kumar are reaching intended audience, this is influenced to a major extent. I wish Department will cover more and more, Every aspect of the Government initiatives are reflected in Karnataka Varthe, which has become official spokesman on the facebook.

Posting of Press Clippings is a new initiative, request to have it posted in Kannada along with English clippings.



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