Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. I am immensely delighted to inaugurate today the impressive new campus for NetApp in India.
2. It is all the more heartening to know that this imposing structure has become a reality today, after five years of signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Government of Karnataka.
3. It indicates the steadfast commitment of NetApp to spread its influence world-over by being rooted in the Garden City of India.
4. For this act of solidarity with our Government and the people of Karnataka, I warmly applaud the efforts of all the NetApp functionaries.

5. Karnataka, a State renowned as the Knowledge,Innovation, Research and Development Capital of India,is naturally the widely accepted and indisputable leader in Information Technology and Bio-Technology Sectors. Bengaluru is one of the largest global tech hubs and is the Start-up Capital of India.
6. With more than 400 Research and Development Centrent, Bengaluru is the home for 3500 companies and nearly 750 Multi-National Companies, which offer direct employment to One Million people.
7. The Information Technology Sector is earning a revenue to the tune of 50 Billion US Dollars with a growth of rate 24 per cent.
8. Karnataka has an industrial output of 61.5 Billion US Dollars and a cumulative Foreign Direct Investment of over 20 Billion US Dollars in the last five years, with the majority of exports coming from the technology sector.
9. The solid foundations that have catapulted Bengaluru as the Knowledge Capital of India are the highest number of Research and Development Centers, medical institutes, industrial training institutes, software technology parks and the third largest number of engineering colleges in the country.

10. Strengthening this stronghold on the growth of Information Technology is a series of proposed projects that have the highest investment potential such as the Bengaluru Information Technology Park and a Hardware Park at Devanahalli, Export Promotion Industrial Park in Dakshina Kannada District, Information Technology Special Economic Zone at Mangaluru, Aryabhatta Park at Hubballi and Incubators on Public Private Partnership Model.
11. With these impeccable and envious credentials, is it a surprise that NetApp has decided to build a permanent campus in Bengaluru ?
12. It is truly praise-worthy that NetApp has exhibited its unflinching commitment in creating a world-class, state-of-the-art workspace that offers its employees an ambience encouraging constant innovation that assures a future that they would be justifiably proud of.
13. Shri George Kurian, the C E O of NetApp, is an illustrious son of the soil, who has made it big on the global platform. It is a matter of great pride for all of us that he has chosen Bengaluru to make a investment of Rs 1000 Crore.
14. I am told that latest technologies have been used in construction of this elegant structure that has significantly reduced the carbon footprint.
15. It is my fervent wish that many more companies will come forward to build these kind of facilities in Bengaluru which are not only employee-friendly, but also environmentally sustainable.
16. I assure that our Government will always invest adequately to create a conducive environment, not only, to establish technology companies, but also, help them prosper.
17. The recent announcement regarding the extension of the Namma Metro from Byappanahalli to Whitefield that facilitates the commuting of employees in this area, is one example of our staunch support to the industrial fraternity.
18. Finally, I sincerely wish the entire workforce of NetApp, a resounding success in all their endeavours. I thank you all


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